La La Land (2016)


I won’t be writing my usual wordy review, not because La La Land doesn’t deserve it, but because I am afraid dissecting and deconstructing it will shrink what feels limitless in my mind to just a bite-sized nugget.

What an incredible film! So much feels. Just lovely. A rhapsody of jazz, dreams, song, love and good old magic. So good I just want to twinkle-step home to make whoopie!!

All through the last act it is cliché and maudlin done with razzed and dazzle. It reminded me so much of Jacques Demy, albeit with a more understated colour scheme. The fluid cinematography, combining with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s third screen couplehood, elevates the story to a magical level. Right up until the ending of the third act it is a 4/5 movie, but by golly, when it hits a bittersweet flourish of an epilogue, it sashayed right into the 5/5 territory.

I started typing this on a packed MRT to the office and you know what? I see everything around me with the music of last night. I can just believe somehow somewhere every person in the train is going to burst into a song and dance number.

If Whiplash announced Damien Chazelle’s name to the world, La La Land is sending him straight to the stars.




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