CD Shopping in Liverpool


One of things I love to do whenever I am on my holidays is to hunt for CDs. I know so many people out there are downloading, but call me “old school”, but I just like to own the physical media and not soft copies. I come home each day after a hard day’s work and one look at my movie and music collection, all my troubles evaporate.

This stash is from Liverpool, mainly from HMV and That’s Entertainment. It’s a sad state of affairs in my home city of Singapore where there are no worthwhile CD stores to browse in anymore. Browsing in HMV and the likes in UK, Taiwan and Japan always puts me in a state of warm euphoria.

Heard about a quarter of the loot and I am in love with Deacon Blue. Their genial sound reminds me so much of Aztec Camera. The super deluxe versions cost quite a bit, but I couldn’t resist. Angel Olsen, what a voice, so singular. The music sounds like it came from a jukebox in a smoky sleazy pub from many years ago. Steve Mason, an awesome album that pushes his creativity to a new place. Lisa Hannigan, wow! The melodies, the laments, the hopes blend so well I want to cry. Wished I had gone to her gig last year 😢. Christine and the Queens is one of my faves in 2016, but when I saw the deluxe version with 6 bonus tracks and a DVD of her performance from Zenith Lille, France, I just had to grab it. Steel Panther, for that one humper of a song, Community Property. This song never fails to put a smile on my face. And it only cost me £1.60, a small price to pay for a silly smile every time I blast it. Simple Minds is surprisingly good. Some of their huge repertoire of hit-tunes work rather well in an acoustic fashion. So far the only let-down is Emile Sande’s new one which sounds like a million other releases out there.

The rest will take me a while before the itch to browse in a CD store envelopes me again.

I miss you, old friend. Can’t wait to see you again.



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