A Gift (2017)


If you are on social media, you would no doubt have been charmed by those sublime Thai commercials. Just a few minutes and they tell a poignant story with a powerful message. So you know you are in good hands with this Thai movie which linked three different love stories based on the music composed by King Bhumibol who passed away last year.

Forget about Kong: Skull Island, A Gift is the best film I have seen in the past week. It is suffused with music and the theme of how music can underscore the present, remind you of the past and its ability to give joy is a compelling one. Above all that, it is a moving tribute to their beloved late King. I watched, laughed, cheered and cried with all the winsome characters through all the zany histrionics. All the six main actors actually learned a musical instrument to portray their part convincingly. The writing is inspired and how the filmmakers linked all the vignettes is beautiful. I felt my soul being lifted up and my heart swelled to a point it burst into a kaleidoscope of cherry blossom petals.

Sometimes a film can be so honest and genuine that I don’t even want to put on my critic’s hat and be swept away by the sheer magic. This is one of those films – a perfect date movie.


4 / 5


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