Concert (31 Mar 2017) – Coldplay

Coldplay have been to Singapore four times and I have seen them the last three times, and each time the crowd has increased many folds. This latest outing saw them rocking at their biggest venue – the Singapore Sports Hub. This is a band that is just growing from strength to strength, churning out stadium-filling hits like a jukebox, but I must say I always harbour a spot in my heart for their older material. Singapore was their first leg of their 2017 tour, but they played like well-oiled machines.


Tickets were naturally hot and I went to queue up in the morning at the Post Office to get them (that’s right! Even the postal offices were helping to sell concert tickets). When I reached the counter, I had a nasty shock that all the standing tickets were gone, even the most expensive seated tickets were gone. The service staff got me the next best seats in the house (which were quite far away as can be gleaned from the next pic), but I just couldn’t believe that my wifey and I were going to be seated separately albeit in the same section. Talk about the hottest tickets in town!


One cool gadget with this Coldplay was that we were given an interesting wristband that would light up and go through different cycles of colours all throughout the concert. The moment the concert began with an extended intro with a Charlie Chaplin’s speech, thousands of wristbands ignited into a sea of red and when the first chords of A Head Full of Dreams rang out the neon-carnival has began. The gadget worked like a charmed-link for everyone to get into the act. We weren’t spectators anymore; we were participants. Imagine seeing an ocean of yellow when the band launched into Yellow. Breathtaking…


I have heard lots of horror stories with regards to the awful sound system of the venue – the number of complaints of the murky sound during Madonna and Jay Chou’s gigs could have filled a book. Surprise, surprise… even from where we were seated the sonics and party atmosphere were brilliant.

The concert itself was amazing. This was the place to be in on a Friday night; nothing else compared. Full of blissful high energy, chockful of neon-pop carnival spirit and unabashedly fun dialled up to the max, Chris Martin and his pals were in their element with an affable charm. In all the times I have seen them, they always bring their A game and change up their humongous repertoire of ear-worm hits so that they feel fresh. This is not a band who is content to sit back and play their greatest hits. Actually, I doubt anyone would complain if they did that. As predicted, the set list leant heavily towards their three newest albums, but we did get Yellow, The Scientist, Clocks, Viva la Vida, Don’t Panic and the crowd-fave sing-along Fix You; couldn’t have explained too much. This ain’t a Coldplay concert if Martin doesn’t look into the sea of people and ask “everybody ok?” I screamed a YES!!!!! but I doubt he could make me out from tens of thousand of people shouting the same word.



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