Dabangg (2010) & Dabangg 2 (2012)




This afternoon I popped the Dabangg blu-ray in and my eyes popped out during the opening fight scene. Take a look… Frigging stylo milo!!!!

I could clearly see some parts of it are ripped off from Matrix and Transporter, but it’s so damn FUN that I didn’t care. I love how Salman Khan plays his character. It’s campy, over the top and only made sense in a different universe. Throughout that fight I laughed and laughed. Then that segues to this song and dance… Lagi stylo milo!!!!

Oh man… I was hooked! The SQ I must say is out of this world. The gun shots, the punches, the kicks… the music and bass… Spectacular! I turned the player off because I must see this with my missus.

We have just finished it and we love it. It’s quite nonsensical, irrelevant but total mayhem fun. This one need to check brain at the door. Really enjoyed Salman Khan’s campy acting. Love his crazy character and his dysfunctional family. Some damn funny lines too. My fave goes something like I will shoot so many holes into him that he will be confused which hole he should used to breathe and which one is for farting. The last fight is a blatant rip off from Flashpoint (Donnie Yen), location-wise and shot for shot but we totally forgive it because it was just crazy and the film never once took itself seriously. A lot of great tunes too, like these…

All the cliches are here in full view – teleporting to exotic locations in a switching of a verse and women are vases. Depending on your disposition, it does present a woman’s weak position in a social context, but the movie is so irrelevant I am sure my wife didn’t ponder deeper.

Time for the next one.


Dabangg 2 is not a good movie. I mapped out the entire movie of moments I will see and all of them came true. There’s nothing here that will surprise you. Forget about the plot…It’s a foregone conclusion what will happen. It’s also over-flowing with fake pathos and God-defying physical moves. The whole movie feels very uneven like the writer and director are thinking on the fly. But don’t be mistaken… I absolutely enjoy Dabangg 2.

Why? Though preposterous, it somehow works because it’s unapologetic and doesn’t kow-tow to you. The main reason it also works is because of the crazy character of Chulbul “Kung Fu” Pande. Only he can go to a wedding, kill a slimeball with his bare hands and everyone will cheer and the band plays a rousing fanfare in celebration. I love watching him dance. It’s never a kinetic dance and he more or less stays at the same spot but the dance moves are tailor made for him. Damn sexy, filled with masculinity, pompous and arrogant and I want to learn the moves so that I can dance for my wife 😊

Wow! Now he can tilt his pants without using his hands!

How much you will enjoy this sequel depends on how much you dig the character and his non-sensical logic because in terms of sequels, this is just not a good one.

The opening action scene, frame by frame reminiscent of the first flick.

Kareena Kapoor in da house!

Chulbul in trouble with his roving eye again. What’s new?



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