TV Series: House of Cards (S3)


I doubt I have the same range of words for this season.

We don’t find it as compelling as the previous seasons mainly because the narrative doesn’t afford a formidable opponent for FU. As it ended last season, FU is now the number one man of the world. Granted he is a not well-liked president, but being the Number One Man of America doesn’t grant him the opportunity to screw people as blatantly as he would love to. This season also doesn’t have many WTF OMG moments as the previous season. Who can forget S2E1 what FU did to Zoe? Or what happened to a ‘Roy Ngnerg’ character? Or that crazy 3some? This round finds FU seeking a second term as President and the Congress gives him a hard time passing his Bills. There are still some superb WTF moments and one of my faves is the Debate. I was totally riveted.

That’s not to say this season is lousy. I still love the astute writing which takes inspiration from many actual current events like the Pussy Riot episode and the hurricane bearing down on the East Coast. I love that Stamper is back whose character I find fascinating in previous seasons. Thank goodness he didn’t die. The cinematography also looks like a million bucks and had high standards. If previous seasons are about the FU and CU tag team, then this season focuses on CU, humanizing her and it also swings a sledgehammer to their immovable relationship. This to me is the best reason to enjoy S3. Again, both of them can teach you a few things about marriage.

… and thus begins to long wait for S4.


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