Concert (18 June 2017) – Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis


21 months ago Imaginary Future and King Grannis were nearly here but a terrible turn of events led to the cancellation of the concert, almost at the last minute. You can read about what happened here and her own perspective of the events here. Grannis was in town to shoot scenes for her role in Crazy Rich Asians and local singer Gentle Bones weaved his magic and the gig that almost happened happened. Last night’s gig was announced 10 days ago and it was a pleasant surprise to see such a decent turn-out.


The night began with a new local band Facade whose R & B tunes are a great lead-in to the evening’s main event. Next came Imaginary Future aka Jesse Epstein aka Kina’s other half. If ever your world has gone down the cistern of infinite sadness, his songs are always comforting because you will no longer feel alone. But to continue the process of self-renewal you will need to follow that up with the music of Kina Grannis.


I have always loved her music. They don’t shout statements, they document growth and change in her personal life, they carry hope and they are always honest. Last night’s gig was very intimate. It was just her guitar, her voice and her stories.


One of the highlights for me was listening to I Knew This Would Be Love, a haunting affirmation of unconditional love. It is a song about the moment you lay eyes on someone and your mind starts to map out the years and years of life’s journey together. Their chemistry is palpable and the their harmonies gently ebbing into each other’s. It was magic.

We stayed back to say hi and got my CDs autographed. The coolest thing was saying hi to Jesse and seeing the surprise on his face when he saw I actually have his CD. His debut album on a physical CD is not readily available and he was most impressed that I have the Japan-press that has 3 bonus tracks. That must have made his day!


Next up is The XX!



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