A Geek and Proud of it

This is me, an avid movie and music lover, with a brain full of pop-culture and film references, giving back what movies and music have given me all these years.

As far back as I can remember, movies have always been a huge part of my life. I can still fondly remember pestering my parents to bring me (Pri 1) to see Jaws because the poster looked so cool or persuading my mom to chaperon me (Pri 5) to see Alien because the movie tagline “In space no one can hear you scream” intrigued me. I can even proclaim that most of the time I can even recall who I had watched it with, where it was screened and on what occasion it was. Movies are like sign-posts in my journey through life.

However, I only started writing movie reviews from 2008 and my very first review was for a Japanese masterpiece called Departures. It was also my very first published review which appeared in my local papers The Strait Times. For this, I am always very thankful to my then girlfriend who has since became my better half. If it weren’t for her gentle prodding for me to pen down my thoughts and me for wanting to impress her, I wouldn’t have written that first of many reviews.

I find watching films, especially really good films, therapeutic and for the longest time I have always felt good films are cures for minor ailments and moody bouts, at least for me. However, writing about them is a whole different game. Finally, I can give something back what I have fed from for all this time. Hopefully, I can urge someone out there to venture out to the cinema to see a good film. Likewise with music, but I am not so good with writing about that.