TV Series: House of Cards (S5)

Very few long running series can sustain their strength in storytelling throughout all its seasons. Sadly, for me, House of Cards S5 (henceforth HoC) lost its mojo, which is quite disappointing. Since the crazy US elections, S5 could have been a surreal exercise with real life merging with the reel. But the writers seem to have […]

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TV Series: House of Cards (S3)

I doubt I have the same range of words for this season. We don’t find it as compelling as the previous seasons mainly because the narrative doesn’t afford a formidable opponent for FU. As it ended last season, FU is now the number one man of the world. Granted he is a not well-liked president, […]

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TV Series: House of Cards (S2)

S1 introduces the main players and their machinations in the American political arena. S2 furthers Frank Underwood’s (henceforth FU 😬) endeavor to the top. At one point he looks to me and proclaims he is just 3 feet away from his prize. S2 is about the Long Game and it’s about softening FU up, who […]

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TV Series: House of Cards (S1)

House of Cards (henceforth HoC) is immediately noteworthy because of Netflix’s foray into the world of TV. All 13 episodes in each season are made available at the same time and can be watched without commercials or programme scheduling. No more waiting painfully for weekly doses. Binge watching this is a fricking blast. No flashbacks […]

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