Parasite (2019)

Social satires are tricky business. Their primary job is to skewer deeply seated social stigmas, but rarely are they funny. Most directors know only one way to get the message across: ram the idea into your head. It takes an informed storyteller to milk it differently. The gold standard of any satire is the ability […]

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Toy Story 4 (2019)

What’s the noblest thing you have ever done? For Woody, Buzz and company, it is to make the kid who plays with them the centre of the universe. The noblest thing that they can ever do as toys is to make the child happy. They live by that mantra through and through. Woody (Tom Hanks), […]

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Birthday (2019)

How all of us tackle grief differs. When my dad passed away some time ago, I remember I was in a daze, everything felt surreal and I couldn’t cry. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I felt like a spurious son and I started to question myself. But I remember lyrical moments that […]

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Hotel Mumbai (2019)

  “Remember always, here at the Taj, guest is God.” The line is empathetically uttered by Head Chef Hemant Oberoi for the benefit of his waiters and waitresses as he stringently checks their attire and fingernails. Soon after, the Taj Hotel would be besieged by terrorists armed with automatic weapons and grenades. Throughout the entire horrifying […]

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