Mad World (一念无明) (2016)

It was between the latest Transformers and Mad World for Thursday Movie Night, and the latter won in a heartbeat. Not even the unavailability of our regular evening time slot could deter us (no doubt every golden time slot was allocated to the money churning vehicular-robot smackdown) and we had to catch an ungodly 10pm screening. […]

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Bad Genius (2017)

This being a Thai movie, I was pleasantly surprised to notice there are no ghosts or cheesy romantic couplings. Bad Genius is essentially a caper thriller and it is as suspenseful as they come. While being engrossed with Bad Genius, my mind was flooded with memories. Confession time. I have cheated in a Chemistry test […]

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Wonder Woman (2017)

After all the big budget misfires, the DCEU really needed to score one and Wonder Woman has delivered a glorious goal. This is a coming-of-age tale, an origin story, a romantic comedy, a 1918 period movie and a superhero genre tentpole flick all rolled into one blistering motion picture. This is a winner! Batman, Superman, […]

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Alien: Covenant (2017)

This will be the sixth time we get to see a xenomorph explode from a human chest after using the human host as baby gruel (eighth if you include the Alien vs Predator abominations). In the world of narratives, the shock value depreciates like the value of cars, but there is still a tingling thrill […]

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