Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

This is a blast! As usual, Marvel Studios makes it look so easy. The humour is spot-on, the character arcs so well-drawn, the action sequences so well-conceived and purposeful, and the expositions well-handled. This is not an origin story, it tells the story of how Peter Parker comes of age and becomes worthy of becoming […]

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Japanese Classics XI

My last Kenji Mizoguchi’s films… The Life of Oharu (1952) follows a woman’s fight and survival amid the vicissitudes of life and the cruelty of the society. It is about a fifty-year-old prostitute, no longer able to attract men, who looks back on her sad life. Once a lady-in-waiting at the imperial court at Kyoto, Oharu […]

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Japanese Classics VIII

I decided to have myself a Kenji Mizoguchi film festival… Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) [Tales of the Rain and Moon, aka Ugetsu] is a highly acclaimed masterwork of Japanese cinema. Based on a pair of 18th century ghost stories by Ueda Akinari, the film’s release continued Mizoguchi’s introduction to the West, where it was nominated […]

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Mad World (一念无明) (2016)

It was between the latest Transformers and Mad World for Thursday Movie Night, and the latter won in a heartbeat. Not even the unavailability of our regular evening time slot could deter us (no doubt every golden time slot was allocated to the money churning vehicular-robot smackdown) and we had to catch an ungodly 10pm screening. […]

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Mohenjo Daro (2016)

Set in 2016 BC at the height of Indus Valley Civilization, the story of Mohenjo Daro follows a farmer Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) who travels to the city of Mohenjo Daro and falls in love with a high-status woman Chaani (Pooja Hegde), and who must then challenge the city’s elite, and fight against overwhelming odds to […]

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